Fried Green Tomatoes Benedict with Hot Tomato Jam

Well Dressed Food Fried Green Tomatoes Hot Tomato Jam

Growing up in the South, fried green tomatoes were a common offering on the dinner table.  We’ve turned up the volume on the fried coating by using Firepit Dry Rub and top the dish with fresh goat cheese and Hot Tomato Jam.

4 large firm green tomatoes
Kosher Salt
Canola or Vegetable oil
¼ cup Firepit Dry Rub
2 cups self rising flour
1 cup cornmeal
1 cup buttermilk
1 large egg
8 oz. goat cheese
1 jar Hot Tomato Jam
8 large eggs, poached or fried


Slice tomatoes to ¼ inch thickness, place on a sheet pan and sprinkle with salt. Place in a colander and allow to sit for 30 minutes (to release water). Meanwhile, in a shallow baking dish mix together 1 cup of the flour with the Firepit Dry Rub. Whisk egg into buttermilk in another shallow dish. In a third dish combine the remaining flour with cornmeal.

In a large cast iron frying pan heat 1/2 inch of oil to 360 degrees.

Take each tomato slice and dredge in flour/firepit mixture, dip in buttermilk mixture, and then dredge in flour/cornmeal mixture. Place carefully in hot oil and fry until golden brown (about 2 mintues on each side). Remove slices and drain on paper towels. To serve, place a small amount of goat cheese on each warm tomato slice, top with fried or poached egg and top with a tablespoon or two of Hot Tomato Jam.