Mostly Spruce and Hemlock

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A must have for anyone with a connect to Tupper Lake! This book makes a great gift - add it to any of our gift sets.

“Mostly Spruce and Hemlock” details the early days of life in the village of Tupper Lake and the town of Altamont (the name of the town was changed to Tupper Lake in 2004). Histories are offered on the logging industry, railroading, churches, schools, hotels, Sunmount DDSO and businesses such as the Oval Wood Dish Corporation.

The initial printing of 2,000 copies sold out immediately, and people have been searching for copies ever since.   Andy Flynn of Hungry Bear Publishing has republished this treasure.  The new “Mostly Spruce and Hemlock” includes all of the original text and photos, but there are some major differences. It is a paperback book, instead of hardcover, and the cover was redesigned. The original book did not include an index; however, the 2009 version has an index, which was written by author and Tupper Lake native Carol Payment Poole. Tupper Lake Free Press Publisher Dan McClelland wrote a new foreword. And the book is dedicated to Simmons and “Tupper Lakers everywhere.”

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