07/26/15 – Sushi 102


For graduates of Sushi 101, Zach Hockey, our resident Sushi guru, will cover advanced versions of the inside out roll, topped sushi and how to create the perfect nigiri. Participants will be invited to join in to help create the amazing specialty rolls. After the demonstration everyone will enjoy the results of our sushi roll creation efforts, along with authentic seaweed salad.

07/12/15 – Sushi 101


Zach Hockey, our resident Sushi guru, will introduce you to the secrets of making sushi at home. We will offer a brief history of sushi, and methods for properly cooking, seasoning, and cooling sushi rice. We’ll demonstrate the use of bamboo rolling mats and how they are best utilized in sushi making. We will show you how to make the ingredients for the rolls and how to make a basic sushi roll, including an inside out sushi roll. After the demonstration everyone will enjoy the results of our sushi roll creation efforts, along with authentic seaweed salad.

07/11/15 – Date Night

Chicken with Mushrooms

Need a great reason to drag your significant other out for a date night? Join us to prepare a feast starting with pan seared scallops with roasted beets, goat cheese & baby greens topped with a Mustard Beer Vinaigrette made with Big Tupper Brewing IPA. We will create roasted chicken with a wild mushroom cream sauce served with grilled asparagus. Your date night will finish with a fresh fruit trifle!

07/25/15 – Summer Grilling


Join us & learn to brine, marinate & grill the perfect pork tenderloin outdoors or indoors! We’ll start with an appetizer of grilled asparagus wrapped in Prosciutto di Parma. We’ll grill fresh summer vegetables and create a side of grilled fingerling potatoes, onions & garlic, and finish with a fruit crisp for dessert!

July 2015 Cooking Classes

We are excited to announce our cooking class line up for July 2015! Check out the line up – seats fill up quickly – you can register online! We hope you can join us!

Seasonal Employment Opportunities


Seasonal Employment Opportunities We are looking for outgoing, highly motivated individuals who love food to join our team. Specifically, we are seeking individuals to work in our deli – preparing sandwiches & salads, selling our market items, stocking & maintaining our market shelves and most importantly creating a great customer experience. In addition to very […]

Well Dressed Menu en Français

French Menu Icon

We are excited to announce that our Well Dressed Food menu is now available in French for our Canadian guests!  We worked with Nicole Gonyea and her very talented students in the French Department at the Tupper Lake High School to translate our current menu.   Check out the Well Dressed Menu en Français by […]

Adirondack Crunchy Granola

Recipes & Other Well Dressed Suggestions:Fresh, Specialty Cheeses now Available at our Company Store

Big Tupper Brewing Company Coffee

Big Tupper Brewery logo brown

We proudly offer these very special coffee beans roasted in the North Country.  All Big Tupper blend beans are shade grown,  fair trade, and organic! Recipes & Other Well Dressed Suggestions:Big Tupper Brewing ‘Microlot’ Coffee TastingBig Tupper CoffeeNew & Expanded Well Dressed Food Store!Join us for our Holiday Open House on Saturday, Dec. 7th,…Seasonal Employment […]

12/11/14 – Introduction to Pizza Making


Recipes & Other Well Dressed Suggestions:January 2015 Cooking Classes