12/4/14 – Sushi 101



Well Dressed Catering


Click here for our full Catering Menu. The Details Our Standard Serving Sizes Small serves 7-10 Medium serves 10-15 Large serves 15-25 Whether you need just a single tray of appetizers or a full array of hot and cold platters, we can help you serve your guests great food. Our staff will work with you […]

Big Tupper Brewing ‘Microlot’ Coffee Tasting

Linda Vista

On Saturday, November 29th, Big Tupper Brewing and The Well Dressed Food Company invite you to try a free sample of coffee from the “ L I N D A V I S TA ” M I C R O L O T.

Brina Truax


            Brina is Well Dressed Food’s Retail Store Manager… Recipes & Other Well Dressed Suggestions:Zach HockeyJay MartinRuss CroninMitch LaLondeDavid Tomberlin

David Tomberlin


            David Tomberlin is the Founder and Co-Owner of Well Dressed Food.  You can read more about David and his journey with Well Dressed Food by clicking here. Recipes & Other Well Dressed Suggestions:Russ CroninJay MartinMitch LaLondeZach HockeySally Cronin

Jay Martin


            Jay Martin is an Associate with Well Dressed Food.  In addition to being a fantastic member of our team, he also plays music around the North Country and repairs instruments for local musicians. Recipes & Other Well Dressed Suggestions:Jacob CoteSally CroninRuss CroninMitch LaLondeDavid Tomberlin

Mitch LaLonde


            Mitch LaLonde is the Well Dressed Food Culinary Director, and is responsible for our Catering Operation.  When he isn’t creating spectacular dinners for Well Dressed Food Customers, he enjoys golfing, bowling, softball and pretty much anything else that relates to sports. Recipes & Other Well Dressed Suggestions:Zach HockeySally CroninJay […]

Joe Kelly


Joe Kelly is an Associate with Well Dressed Food… Recipes & Other Well Dressed Suggestions:Jay MartinSally CroninJacob CoteWell Dressed Food featured in ‘Strictly Food for…Mitch LaLonde

Zach Hockey


            Zach Hockey is the Kitchen Manager at Well Dressed Food.  He is our resident expert and an avid explorer of Asian Cuisines.  Our Sushi offerings are designed & created by Zach.  When he is not creating sushi rolls, he enjoys all that the Adirondacks have to offer, including snowboarding, […]

Sally Cronin


          Sally Cronin is an Associate with Well Dressed Food.  She is the inspiration for Russ Cronin’s love of cooking & food.  You’ll find her knowledge & talents in many of our offerings.  When she isn’t at the store, she loves spending time with her family, especially spending time spoiling the ‘little […]