RESERVATION: 518-359-5280

COVID-19 Operations Current Updates

The good news is that we’ve been busy serving and delivering meals to our community! As we work through this new dynamic, we’re adjusting how we serve our guests and appreciate your support and cooperation.

• You’ll notice that all of our team members will be wearing gloves (in addition to normal food preparation activities) when they complete your transaction and/or handle cash at the register. Gloves will be changed between each transaction.

• All surfaces/contact points will be wiped and sanitized between customer pick-ups and transactions (door handles, credit card machines, customer contact surfaces, etc.)

• For take-out/delivery we highly encourage you to use a credit card or tap/contactless payment for your order. We also encourage you to call ahead with your order at 518-359-5280 or better yet, place your order ahead online at

• For delivery orders where you are unable to use a card in advance, we request that you have exact change for your driver. If you will need change for a delivery, please let us know when you place your order. • When delivering, we will be wearing gloves, and ask that you help us keep a safe distance (6 feet) apart while completing your delivery.

• If you order online for delivery and select a call back for a credit card as a payment option, we will call you back quickly to get your payment information. If you would like to add a tip for your delivery driver, please let our team member know and it can be added before we complete the order.

• For deliveries, if you have prepaid with a credit card, we can leave your food outside your door and ring your bell (or knock) three times to let you know your order is at your door. Just select that option when ordering online or let us know when you call in your order.

We appreciate your help working with us during this unprecedented time. We’ll be here to provide our services as long as possible.